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Satellite Receivers

Alien 8900

Very versatile, world leading software, capable of dual boot Spark or Enigma operating systems. EPG now unrivalled Software plug in system Good online forum

alien tt
Alien 2 Twin Tuner version of the 8900 model
8140 Basic HD model

HD si model

    Amiko Range of Receivers
  • Fastest switching channels
  • Greatest symbol rate range
  • Most accurate blind scan results of any current receiver
  • built in Dolby Decoder
  • Stream Channels to portable devices - Laptops, PC, even smart phones
  • Control over network
  • Cross EPG available on Alien models for English French German Italian and other channels

U Tube video

Here's my video on YouTube showing the dish for single satellite reception


Satellite Dishes


Fixed Parabolic

U Tube video

Here's my video on YouTube showing the dish for single satellite reception

Triax  + 4lnb

Fixed Parabolic

Multi satellite Dish

Between One to Four lnbs can be mounted on a single dish to receive several satellites.

Force dish

Fixed Toroidal

This is the superb Force Frontier 55cm Dish with multiple LNBs. enables the user to switch to a different satellite without the wait for a motorised dish to move. It has the advantage of total reliability due to no moving parts and easier installation and maintenance

Force Dish


Technical: the Force Frontier is a Toriodal dish ( not the usual Parabolic dish ) The shape is ideal for receiving channels from a wide variation of angle, for example where 28'(Sky/FS) 19'(Astra) 13'(Hotbird) 5'W (AtlanticBird) are all required together, they can be wired to the same or different receivers or/and different rooms. I have received great comments from customers who thought they would have had to put up 2 dishes to receive English and Foreign satellite broadcasts together. Also the receiver controls which LNB to use, so using this dish is no more complicated than changing channel on sky - all the technical stuff is carried out by the clever electronics! For satellites very close together we have narrow feedhorn LNBs , for example 13'E and 9'East (Russia)

    Matched with the Amiko Receivers

Over several years I've found the best combination of receivers and dishes, LNB types and Diseqc Switches for reliable long term operation.

Triax dishes and galvanised wall mounts offer the best rust resistance.

Motor 1m

Motorised Dish

Multi satellite Installations

Receive all the satellites over Europe with thousands of channels




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