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Uk Channel High Quality Streamed Service

where dishes are impractical or not allowed, this is the ideal service for you

Works ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD ( internet connection 2Mbps or more required )


Uk IP Package


IP tv


NO Dish

Internet High Quality IP box

BBC 1 bbc bbc3 bbc4 news
itv1 itv2 itv3 itv4  
E4 more4 film4 ch4 ch5
cbeebies cbbc C_ITV   SilverScreen
TN tv LoveCom Adrenalin MovieZone My Band
Watch on a Tablet computer You Can Watch on a Tablet
Tv on your Laptop You Can Watch on a Laptop
Watch on a computer Windows or Apple OS Computer

For Connection to your big screen tv you will need this purpose built IP receiver made by Amino and Firmware by Astra2TV. This needs no computer to be connected.

You need a good steady Internet connection with 1.5Mb/s or more to get good service from your IP box

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